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The Association For The Development LEDA Continues The Implementation Of The PEACH Project – Preschool Education For All Children In This Pedagogical Year 2020/21

The Association for the Development LEDA continues the implementation of the PEACH project – Preschool education for all children in this pedagogical year 2020/21

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It’s very important to say that we are very proud of beeing supported from the municipal administrations of Kakanj and Zavidovići, which allocated funds from the budget and supported 15 and 20 children in kindergarten from socially vulnerable families.

What is important to point out is that the mentioned two municipalities, in addition to paying for the children’s stay, also provided a social worker and a Roma assistant who will provide their support to kindergarten groups, as was the case in the previous two years of project implementation.

All of the above would not be possible to implement without the support of public institutions that we have received since the beginning of the project. Public Institution City Kindergarten Zavidovići, Public Institution Mladost Kakanj and Public Institution Preschool Education Zenica are partners in our project, and give their selfless contribution to the overall implementation of the project.

LEDA also continued to provide support to children from socially vulnerable families in Zenica, and provided a stay in a kindergarten for 10 children, where the group is supported by a social worker as well as a Roma assistant.

As the PEACH project has several segments, the current focus of Asociation LEDA is on the development of manuals for educators, which are being developed in cooperation with professors from Zenica and Sarajevo, the Islamic Pedagogical Faculty in Zenica, and the Faculty of Education in Sarajevo.

The manuals will be developed according to the highest standards of preschool education, and the professors will provide professional assistance and knowledge in accordance with their experiences of working at the faculty.

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