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Parental Meetings In The Preschool

Parental meetings in the preschool

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Since September started and the preschool children started going to kindergarten, we held parental meetings with parents’ groups in Zenica, Kakanj and Zavidovici.

We presented the project to our parents and had the opportunity to watch a promotional movie about the compulsory preschool program, shot in Kakanj and Sarajevo. We introduced them all the procedures during their children stay in kindergarten. We are sure that the children will enjoy this year as well, we are proud of their progress, and looking forward to the rest of the preschool year.

Besides the regular parental meetings, we shall organize the thematic ones, and all parents will be inform about it in the coming period.

All these activities are carried out within the framework of the PEACH project, implemented by Caritas Switzerland and LEDA as a partner organization.

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