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April 8 – International Roma Day

April 8 – International Roma day

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International Roma day was celebrated in a convenient way in Zavidovici. It started with a defile through the city, continued with the ceremony and theatrical performance, and ended with socializing and snacking in the hall of the Center for Culture.

On this occasion, our Association received a thank-you note for a special contribution in the field of Roma education.

With an appropriate cultural and artistic program, this was an opportunity for the audience to get acquainted with the history of this important date and to give thanks to Roma pupils who regularly attend elementary and secondary school, as well as to organizations that have made their contribution in the field of Roma education.

Association for Development of LEDA has been recognized as someone who has made a special contribution in the field of Roma education in the area of ​​Zavidovici municipality.

We are recognized and valued by both, the institutions and our users, and we are happy that we justified the trust of all of them.

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